Author: Howard Wylie

13 Mar Patterns > Confessions

BY HOWARD WYLIE DOWNLOAD SERMON SLIDES This sermon looks at how to say you are sorry – to others and to God. What are the components of a sincere apology? What does the Bible teach about confession as a spiritual disciple? Passages from the Bible highlighted include...

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26 Feb Fruit of the Spirit > The call to freedom

BY HOWARD WYLIE DOWNLOAD SERMON SLIDES Fruit of the Spirit series: “The Meaning of Freedom in Galatians Chapter 5” This sermon explores the meaning of freedom in the context of Galatians and focuses primarily on v13-15. The Judaizers were an influential group teaching that in order to please...

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BY HOWARD WYLIE DOWNLOAD SERMON SLIDES This teaching considers some of the challenges Mary and Joseph faced during her pregnancy and in the early years following Jesus’ birth. Mary’s pregnancy must have initially put strain on their relationship. The actual story of the Nativity differs quite considerably...

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