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A brief update on our building project in Harare, Khayelitsha:

We have reached the point where we no longer have enough funding to continue with the project. To date we have received R 1.6 Million in funding and we estimate that to complete the project another R 1.3 Million is required.

Join us by giving financially or with your expertise (see options below).


Harare Baptist Church is raising funds and seeking expertise to build a church facility to develop the church community, spread the gospel and be a witness and influence in the Khayelitsha community. We want to see people reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and for Harare Baptist Church to have a strong and vibrant presence in the local community. Watch below to see how Connect Church is partnering with Harare Baptist Church to have this vision realised.

Two churches committed to long term partnership.

Johannes Lata


Pastor Johannes began leading Harare Baptist Church 23 years ago, and today is being joined by Connect Church in a long-term partnership in ministry. Our desire is to see the Kingdom of God grow and spread in the Khayelitsha region and beyond and Connect Church has joined to assist in the financial and building project-management of the new facilities. To become a place of hope, the church buildings will also be used as a base for serving the local community enabling skills training and other forms of social development to take place along with the spreading of the Gospel.

To make disciples and for society to be transformed we need strong local churches in every community. We have a God-given opportunity to partner with the Harare Baptist Church, Khayelitsha in helping them to put up a facility that will be appropriate for worship, Christian ministry, disciple-making, community development and skills training every day of the week. Please would you consider giving financially to this wonderful project” - Howard Wylie (Connect Church Pastor)

Harare Baptist Church, Khayelitsha, South Africa, Building Project


Join us as we reach out to strengthen the hands of those ministering on the ground in Harare, Khayelitsha. Donate below or contact us to provide skills and expertise.


Fundraising is completely donation based and we need 1,75 Million Rand ($125 548,50 USD) to build a viable facility. We need your support and donations to achieve this goal. As financial targets are met, work will commence and complete each stage of the project.


We need people who know what they are doing. If you have skills in all areas of building – architecture, project management, building, electrical, plumbing etc. We need skilled artisans willing to give their time and energy to this project.

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What is the nature of the partnership between Harare Baptist Church and Connect Church?

There is a formally signed partnership agreement (MOU) that can be downloaded here.

Does the church own the land on which the church building will be built?

Legally, the land is owned by the “Western Province Baptist Association”. The land is thus owned by the Baptist Union of Churches (as a denomination). It was purchased in October 2002 for the Harare Baptist Church.

Have the plans been approved?

Yes, plans have been drawn up and they have been approved.

Who will manage the building project?

Connect church will be managing the building project in consultation with leadership from Harare Baptist Church.

When did the church begin?

The church grew out of a sewing project which was started approximately 30 years ago.

What is the size of the church community?

Approximately 60-80 people worship at Harare Baptist church each Sunday.

Does the church have a Pastor?

The pastor is Rev. Johannes Lata. He has served that church for the last 23 years. Rev. Noloyiso (Nolo) Mzizana is the Assistant pastor who also works as a chaplain at Living Hope.

How is the church structured?

The church has its own constitution and operates with a Baptist understanding of governance. They practice congregational government.

How much will the project cost?

Approximately 1,75 Million Rand ($125 548,50 USD) will be required to build a viable facility.

How will the building be used?

There will be worship services on Sundays and other church related discipleship activities during the week. The church will also be used as a base for serving the local community. NGOs and other organizations with aligned objectives will also be able to use the buildings. We foresee skills training and other forms of social development taking place. The church will also be used for local community events.

What is our motivation for this partnership?

Our motivation is to see people becoming followers of Jesus Christ. The need for Evangelical, gospel-preaching, Bible-believing churches is enormous. We want to see strong churched active in their local communities An additional motivation for us, is to invest in communities, who today, are disadvantaged because of the legacy of apartheid.