Author: Brad Mann

09 Jul Multiplication: The New Goalpost!

In this week's episode we discuss the final step on the disciple-making pathway - Multiplication. We take a look at Jesus' life and see how He model and taught multiplication as the goal for His disciples and we discuss some ideas about how we can...

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25 Jun Equipping: Training for Success

This week we look at the 3rd stage on the disciple-making pathway - Equipping the believer. And no. It's not just about doing courses! How do we as disciple-makers equip our disciples to use their Time, Talents & Treasure to further the Kingdom agenda? Join...

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04 Jun Laying the right Foundation

In this episode, we overview the second stage on the disciple-making pathway - the building up of the believer. Building the believer is primarily about the transfer of Kingdom Character & Priorities. We take some time to overview and suggest some of the primary characteristics...

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