Author: Nicole Conradie

10 Jun Connect Kids Chronicles # 1

'TAKE TIME TO MAKE TIME' "Just as we are strategic about ensuring that our children get the best opportunities, I want to suggest that we need to be even more strategic and determined when it comes to building their relationship with the Lord, and teaching them...

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17 Oct Parent Connect Volume: What the Tech is Going on?

‘WHAT THE TECH IS GOING ON?’ This was the topic of a presentation I attended in the week by a local play therapist. She was discussing the fact that with children and parents spending more and more time on technological devices, there is less and less...

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28 Aug Parent Connect Volume: Generosity

‘GENEROSITY’ Raising children to be generous with their time is just as challenging, considering the busy lives that we and our children lead. In our desire to give our children the best that we can, to equip them to cope with the demands on them, and...

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